Wednesday, August 29, 2007


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Feels good to be back...

Well as some of you do/don't know, Marching Band involves students to march on a field from one spot to another and another, while playing music. Many times this can be very calming, especially when the students are flowing with the music. Today, August 29, 2007, I was able to march with the Marching Band at my high school, and it felt so good. It is almost like going on a vacation after an eternity.

Anyways...I just saw some videos about the iPhone and all the things comming with it. Yes, the one device that is an ipod, cellphone, and internet device, that is controlled by your fingers, brought by Apple Inc. On the videos, the first phone bill, 300 pages. All in a package that says ATT, Your Phone Bill! Yes, all things dandy, but the surprise is that you get a really long phone bill.

yeah, so there are downsides to apple. However does that stop us from buying apple? IT DOESN'T!!!