Friday, September 21, 2007

A Storm's a comin'

Well, today, September 21, 2007, I woke up at 6 am, as usual. I take my medication and make breakfast for my mom, all before dawn, and still dark outside. I leave the house, with only my backpack and some money for lunch and my cellphone. I get to the bus stop at 6:27, and wait for the next bus to come. It's dawn, the sky transfers into the dawn, with one side to the west still night and to the east, a dark baby blue. My bus arrives, with the sun still awakening, and the night sky fleeing.
The arriving storm

I arrive at school at 6:49 am, watching the sky, as only now does the sunlight hit the clouds, but not the buildings. I see a sky like a sunset, except there is something that I haven't seen since last year, and only once have I seen this, a rainbow. Walking up the hill to 6th street, watching the rainbow form starting at the ocean and arriving only at the clouds. I immediately said to my self, "Where's me pot of gold?"
A Rainbow

I get to the music room, and the rainbow disappeared into the clouds.
The school day starts, with half the sky cloud covered to the west and sunny sky to the east. It appeared to have passed by lunch.
During my last period of the day, I arrive in the best room that has the best view of the Santa Monica Bay, and notice that all to the west, there is nothing but stormy skies, clearly a storm is coming. I watch the flagpoles as the flags of California and the United States of America flag are violently flapping as the winds reach at 40 miles per hour.
The storm from my classroom

Today is the day of our school's football game against our rival, Venice High School. I hope that this game will be good.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Free Choice Essay

Here is a draft of my essay on my Summer Free Choice Reading Book, an essay describing what type of reader and writer I am. Tell me what you think.

Over the summer, I spent my time in the southwest countryside of France. Even with the unusually cold season, I spent my time reading books, mainly in French. However, I discovered a book that was in my father’s old bedroom in English. The book was Isaac Asimov’s The Martian Way. I immediately picked it up and started reading. I finished the story in two hours, considering that it was only fifty-five pages long, but the two hours lasted for an eternity.
Typically I like to read fictional books, many times science fiction stories of the future, past, taking place on other planets, and possibly just novels that tell stories of space. However, The Martian Way wasn’t like any of the other books and stories I’ve read, like Fahrenheit 451 or The Martian Chronicles, because this book wasn’t constricting my imagination of what can happen. I loved this book especially because the story had something to make me think about, and imagining the possible of what the future would be like.
I usually like to read most fictional books that have a good plot that involves many characters and especially books that have a good character development; like in The Martian Ways where the characters are developing as the book goes on, same with the plot, dragging me to the finish of the book. When I get a book that does take its time to develop the characters, but the plot is developing at the very end of the book, then the book becomes boring to me. However, when there are mysteries that unveil continuously, for example in Foundation by Asimov solves a mystery, and then creates another. I like especially the way that Asimov just pulls you into the story, making you become a character in the book. Similarly, The Martian Way creates a curious setup and continues to build on, answering some questions that come to mind and creating more.
When I read a book, I look for the style of writing and the character set-up. Like in The Martian Way, the story starts off in the middle of an event, without describing anyone, nor any thing; the characters are described as the story moves on, and the settings are described as events occur, which brings me to one thing that I love to do is read stories and novels that are unfolding as you read. I think that I am a reader of really good plots, and sometimes I think myself as a writer of logical progression. However, like in Asimov’s Foundation, I tend to be very disorganized in writing.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Santa Monica vs. Palisades

Our second football game. Santa Monica versus Palisades

It turned out to be a pretty good game. We (Santa Monica) won 35-0, which was not bad, considering that Palisades gets 7 or more each game but still looses.
Here are some pictures of the game:

The 4th Quarter of the Game
4th Quarter

Our Saxophone Section
The Saxophone Section!!

Packing Up
The End of the Game

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sorry About the long time

Sorry to everyone for not posting for two days. I really got tied up into school, got really tired, and other things going on. So far school is doing well, great classes, excellent teachers, and excellent friends.

Other than that. Anyone hear about the Santa Monica Mall? The one on the third street promanade? Well, about a long time ago, the City of Santa Monica wanted to tear down the second greatest landmark (second to the Third Street Promenade) The Santa Monica Place. Basically, the only mall in Santa Monica, and the only place that you can find free parking in Santa Monica. But anyways, gotta do some studying for US History and English Vocabulary. Talk about the Puritans moving to Virginia.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hoorah!!! Hoorah!!! For the Teachers

So, today, being the second day of school, I have gotten my schedule fixed, even though at registration I had the right list of classes. Here is how it went

Got my list of classes:
AP English 11
AP Chemistry
AP US History
French 3
Concert Band III
Precalculus/Calculus A
and Marching Band

My list of classes:
English 11 P (regular)
AP Chemistry
US History P (regular)
French 3
Concert Band III
and Precaculus P

Of course there was a BIG problem, considering that the computer had the right list of classes on registration day, but didn't have the same classes on the first day of school. Now the problem with changing schedules is that the regular courses are always slow to start, and never have any preperation for the next day. Most of the time, AP classes already give homework on the first day of school, and the class has already started talking about the subject in depth.

AP English 11
AP Chemistry
AP US History
French 3
Precalc/Calc A HP
Concert Band III
and Marching Band

So today was the first day that I got a taste of how an AP class is supposed to be like, having in-depth discussions, deep understanding of the subject, and knowing how to keep track of time for homework and study. Even though the classes may be hard, I love almost all of my teachers ALREADY IN ONE DAY!!!

Well, that's it for the first two days, now onto FRIDAY!!! The best day of the week, classes start to get working, and the best part is that there are FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL GAMES!!!! Santa Monica vs. Heunene



Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First Day Back

Well, today was the first day of school. And as usual, the school system has all the schedules mixed up, even when you had the right courses on the day of registration. It's really amazing though, when you are in an AP/HP class, it's amazing that you already know some of the people from last year or the year before. It's even more amazing when you have multiple classes with your friends for two or more different classes.
However, for the first day of school, including the first time having AP classes, I think that this year will be good. I've already gotten some school supplies for most of the classes, and I have some really good teachers. However, there is always the problem with lockers. For some reason, students' lockers are always put in their house building, but most or none of their classes are in that building. Oh well, not everything is perfect.
I'm just happy that this year seems to be heading at a good start.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back to School

Sigh...Time to go back to school... The last day of summer, with hot weather and a messy house. Even my cat thinks there is too much cleaning in the house. However, I am proud of myself for taking the time to find all of my old school binders to reuse some dividers, paper, protective pockets, and some old binders still in good condition. Now the only problem is my desk that is in total chaos.

A few hours should finish the job. Tomorrow morning is the first day of my junior year at high school. Goodmorning AP classes!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Apple's iPhone vs. Zunephone

Ok, Apple Inc. created a phone that is magnificent

Here is Microsoft's version of the iPhone

Just came out last week from Microsoft. Notice the differences,
The function buttons are on the bottom, not in the center of the screen. Also, the clock is a replica of an alarm clock. And the phone keypad is a spin keypad, where the iphone is the nowadays keypad. And so on and so forth...

It's final, Microsoft will never be able to get the simplicity that Apple delivers in each product.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Grapes of Wrath...Litteraly

John Steinbeck, a Nobel Prize Winner for Literature, wrote in !939 The Grapes of Wrath about the hardships of
the Great Depression.

The book may be very wordy, but overall, it teaches about the strength of
being a family, even in the most unbearable situations. As the Joad family emmigrate from Kansas, where they were evicted from their farm, they experience hardships. They decided to go to California, because there are a lot of job openings on the farmland. They arrive in California, and see all of the crops on hills and mountains, but they see that some crops are left to die and rot to keep the cost of the crop high. The sad thing is that California is a small grapevine of wrath, there are nice things that people can have, but it requires lots of money.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Football Season

Oh say can you see?!
By the dawns early light...

It's Football season again. One of the most strenuous seasons of all.
Not only are people beggining to go shopping for the fall season,
but ringtones of their favorite colleges are popping up all around.
College Football, what are the ingredients?
1. A University packed with students and covered with ivy
2. A football stadium holding thousands of people
3. Coaches
4. Elaborate teams of defense and offense
5. Magnificent marching bands with their magnificent uniforms
6. Playwritters of unbeatable plays
7. Doctors prepared for anything
8. And last but not least, the Alumni and fans.

All of these ingredients are developed with some time,
however, the one ingredient that is highly needed that few think of,
The Marching Bands.
What makes a marching band?
1. A band director, possibly an assistant band director
2. Drum majors, section leaders, and the music players
3. Parents helping with water, trucks, videos, and uniforms
4. Drill writers
5. Marching Instructors
6. Music arrangers
7. Lots of time
8. A Band room to practice in, with a football field
9. And last but not least, the uniforms

Yes, and here is an example of those ingredients put together.

Performed by the Santa Monica High School Viking Band.
I am part of them. I play the alto saxophone, and this field show was my freshman year, November 2005.